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A directory to help promote support for local Artisans & Small Businesses.
Either based in the Department of the Lot (46) or willing to service the Lot department

Artisans Lotois - Small Business Directory For The Lot Area In France

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All small businesses are welcome to list their businesses on this site (Micro-entrepreneur/Micro-entrepreneur, TPE). This directory is aimed at the Department of the Lot (46), but so long as you are happy to provide your services in that area, you are welcome to add your business.

Why is this directory free to advertise in?

Because the aim of this website is to create a network of local small businesses that support and promote each other. All we ask for your registration, is that you help us, by sharing this site on social networks and tell your friends and colleagues about it.
The more we promote this directory, the better for all of us.

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